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A rare relic of Pre-Revolutionary New England, the Old Grist Mill was built in 1745 on the banks of the Runnins River. The power by the dam and the old water wheel was utilized in grinding the grain raised by nearby colonial farmers. The stepping stone to the front doorway is one of the massive granite grindstones of those primitive days.

The earliest owner of record was J. Bowen, who operated the part that is now the upper dining room as a grist mill. The lower level which was added some years later was the old saw mill. One owner succeeded another, as the generations passed, until around 1845, when the mill was operated by the blind Dexter Chaffee. Even today some guests still return to the spot known as “Blind Man’s Mill”. 


Today, the Old Grist Mill by the river’s edge continues in the tradition of New England taverns. People of all backgrounds gather daily for food, drink, and good times.  The Old Grist Mill is touted by locals as the preeminent New England tavern featuring everything from steaks and chops to some of the freshest seafood dishes in all of New England. Our Crab Cakes are legendary, as is the Baked Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp. Other favorites are Clams Steamed in Garlic, Onions and White Wine, Boston Scrod and, of course, lobsters served virtually any way you like them.  The cocktail lounge is a convivial gathering place for travelers during any season and on the whole is a handsome blend of historic rural hospitality and refined refreshment in New England wayside tradition.

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From the Press

Recent History 


Stu Skerker, The Sun Chronicle - Jun 24, 2012

The Old Grist Mill Tavern, a historic area landmark, was destroyed by fire early this morning when a tractor trailer rolled over, slid into the building and ruptured a gas main and other utilities.


Jeff Sullivan, Patch Staff - Apr 12, 2013

Greg Esmay is rebuilding the Grist Mill Tavern in Seekonk and keeping the historical feel that old building had.


Matt Kakley, The Sun Chronicle - Jun 24, 2014

After more than two years, the historic Old Grist Mill Tavern has been rebuilt and is set to reopen.

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